Arena Wine and Spirits
Arena Wine and Spirits
492 Armstrong St
ColumbusOH 43215
 (614) 745-2382

Reviews Of Arena Wine and Spirits

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Lucian Daniels
Mar 02, 2018

I order a lot and the service is always under the time they say for delivery. Until tonight. I ordered outside of my norm and they halted the delivery due to concern for me. I got my order a little later than expected, but they looked out for me love these guys

Seth Hohman
Feb 12, 2018

This place has the largest selection of whiskey that I've found in Columbus. If there is a harder to find bourbon or scotch you're looking for they will likely have it. It seems that they don't put limits on purchases though. I've asked for hard to find bourbon a few times and the clerk said that someone came in and bought it all. It might be helpful to limit these items to 1 or 2 bottles per customer. The craft beer selection is good with a lot of variety, but it is very disorganized which could be a challenge to customers who don't know what they want.

Jan 11, 2018

Vast Selection!

Chadd Myers
Dec 28, 2017

Rob Tracy
Dec 09, 2017

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